Portfolio // Mini Blahs Digital Distribution

The Mini Blahs digital distribution website was produced in conjunction with a corporate partner of Detox Media - Digital Rhapsody. The aim of the website was to give content producers a platform on which to offer their particular brand of content, be it music, film, podcast, or any other digital media.

The website would allow producers of digital content to upload their work and offer it for sale through Mini Blahs, cutting out the need to approach traditional media firms, such as record labels or TV studios, and allowing a fresh wave of digital producers to come to the forefront of the entertainment world.

Before the main website went live (and subsequently taken offline by Digital Rhapsody some time later) Detox Media was involved in producing a special "countdown to launch" website, aimed at giving digital content producers the chance to sign up for the free and paid-for services that were to be offered by the Mini Blahs service. The website involved a Flash-based countdown timer to mark the official launch of the main website, and an email subscription page that allowed visitors to sign up for email-based news bulletins as and when the were published.

The Mini Blahs website is currently offline, as Digital Rhapsody is working on other projects for the time being.