Portfolio // Smokin' Jackets Function Band

The Smokin' Jackets are an East Anglia-based function band that perform a variety of rock music cover versions of songs recorded from the 1960's onwards.

While the band is a great success locally, and is listed on such sites as Gig Guide, the band felt as though they needed their own online precence to help increase their bookings and publicity.

Detox Media was commisioned to produce a simple yet effective website that aimed to promote the band in a number of ways. Firstly, the band wanted an informal profile of themselves to allow potential customers to familiarise themselves with the band members before booking them. This gives a friendly face to the band before the potential custoemrs have even met them.

The second promotional tool that the band wanted to use was to offer people the chance to download some sample songs to listen to. This has been done in two ways - visitors to the website can either listen to the music on the website using the Flash-based music player, or they can download some sample MP3 songs and listen to them at their leisure.

Lastly, the band wanted to be able to publicise the great feedback that they often receive from customers. This was achieved using a feedback page that illustrates some of the feedback letters and quotes that the band has had over the years. The website also highlights some of the commonly asked questions that the band receives, as this was seen as a helpful way to answer questions that potential customers may have before booking.

Using the Google Analytics service, the band has determined that referrals from the website have more than doubled their bookings in the last two years, and visitors find out about the band through Google searches twice as often as through websites like Gig Guide. This has helped the band achieve a much higher number of bookings than ever before.

Visit the Smokin' Jackets function band website