Portfolio // Streakfury DJ Website

The Streakfury DJing website was produced as an online presence for an amateur DJ. Originally the website was designed to be a place that would allow the downloading of recorded MP3 music sets, but gradually evolved to become the online blog of the DJ as well.

The site was built using a WordPress foundation, and the template has been altered slightly by Detox Media. The banner image at the top of the site is a randomly-chosen image, and will change as visitors view different pages on the website. The images themselves were created (in a joking manner) by members of a web development forum, but the DJ insisted on using the images as a kind of "in-joke" among friends. So Detox Media created a mechanism that would randomly pick an image from a pool of about six of seven images, and display that banner on the webpage.

Visit the Streakfury DJ Website to download music and read the DJs blog.