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Accessibility refers to how easily accessible your website is by a wide range of users and customers. People often forget that not everybody is accessing the internet in the same way, or using the same software or hardware to do so.

Accessibility guidelines are in place to allow as many people as possible to use a website, regardless of what software or hardware they may be using. Some users may also have certain conditions or disabilities that mean they can’t access websites using traditional methods, and so the websites themselves must also cater for the needs of these users. Official public websites, such as those of local councils or government organisations, must adhere to a certain level of accessibility by UK law. (Many public and private companies also need to ensure that their websites are accessible, although this is usually to provide useful services to their customers and keep good public relations, rather than being forced to by law.)

As with search engine optimisation, Detox Media provides a high level of accessibility for all websites and web applications. The high quality standard of code used to build websites goes a long way to ensure that websites are accessible, but there are other factors to consider. You may decide that users of your website will be using specific hardware or software, and so Detox Media will cater for those criteria. However, many websites will be open to use by anyone with an internet connection, and so the design and creation of the websites must also take this into account.

Detox Media will consult you on these issues during the project. If you or your potential users have any specific requirements, we will cater for them, but if not, Detox Media will provide a website or web application that adheres to a very high standard of accessibility, ensuring that as many people as possible can find and use your website.