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As you may know, many people use the internet to find the information and services that they are looking for. When they do, their first port of call is usually a search engine, such as Google. It’s the job of a search engine to provide potential users of your website with information relevant to their searches. So if your website happens to provide users with information that they might be looking for, you need to do everything you can to make sure that the search engines know about your website, and can direct people to it.

That’s where search engine optimisation is essential. Search engine optimisation is the process of creating or adapting your website so that it’s as easy as possible for search engines to find. The clearer the information on your website (and the higher the standard of coding use to build it) the more likely people are to find your website through a search engine – and so the more likely you are to gain new visitors. In some cases, this might just be done for personal satisfaction, but for businesses in particular, it is essential to bring as many people to your website as possible. More visitors means more potential sales.

Detox Media designs and builds websites and web applications that are optimised for search engines. The high quality standard of coding used to build your websites will ensure that as many people as possible can find and use it. Some companies will charge an extra fee for providing SEO services alongside their existing services, while other companies specialise in SEO and can charge thousands of pounds for their service. We believe that SEO should be a standard practice when designing any website, and it’s included in the cost of our services. So you can be assured that you will receive a reliable, well-built website that is as easy as possible for all search engines to find.

Beware! Some SEO companies claim that they can guarantee that your website will gain top positions in search results – this is completely untrue! Nobody can guarantee top positions in search results! The inner workings of search engines are kept a secret, which means that nobody can know for sure how to design a website to guarantee top search results. All major search engines offer guidelines that websites should adhere to, and here at Detox Media we aim to follow them to the letter. But don’t be fooled by false promises that other companies claim they can provide!