Services // Web Hosting

In order for people to see and use your website, a web host must host it. This means that your website will be stored on your web host’s computers, and those computers are connected to the internet, meaning that your potential users are able to use your website in the same way as any other.

Web hosting services usually involve a recurring payment, usually monthly. Alongside web hosting, your website will need a web address (also called a domain name) which can be registered and paid for annually. Web hosting packages vary greatly in price, and depending on what features you need, prices start at around £3.00 per month. A domain name will last for one or two years (or more) and depending on the extension (such as “.com” or “”, for example) will cost varying amounts.

Detox Media does not provide web hosting services directly, but we can aid you in setting up web hosting with a recommended web host, Xilo. We have personally used Xilo for years, and highly recommend their services.

If you have any questions regarding web hosts, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Visit the Xilo Web Hosting website here!