Services // Web Standards Compliance

There are a number of coding practices and standards that are designed to help all websites and web applications operate in the same way. Currently, there are many different ways to access the websites on the internet, such as using web browsers on a PC, mobile phones, games consoles, TVs and PDAs. But these methods often use very different technologies to access the internet, and as a result, websites can look and operate very differently from one person to the next.

Web standards are designed to make sure that this effect is kept to an absolute minimum. By having one set of standards to work with, software and hardware manufacturers can all design and build ways to access the internet on their devices that are all consistent with one another. This means that no matter how a website is accessed (be it on a PC, mobile phone, TV, etc) the website will look and work in the same way.

Of course, this requires some work on the part of the website designer. Websites need to be built according to these standards as well, so that any device that is used to access your website will show the user your website in the same way as any other device. This will provide consistency, and will help to strengthen your online brand. These standards also help aid SEO and accessibility.

Detox Media builds all websites to the highest possible coding standards. Whether you would like a simple 5-page website, or a vast web application with thousands of services, your project will be designed and built according to the highest quality control and coding practices.